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Teaching approach

We teach children and adults through the communicative approach (CA), that has been used throughout the world for over 60 years and is recognized as the most effective method of teaching.

The communicative approach is about constant communication of students in the target language, be it during the lesson, before or after it..

From the first lesson on, you learn thinking in the foreign language, perception and understanding expressions, reacting with appropriate phrases.

Here is an example to illustrate the advantage of this method. When asked: “Как тебя зовут?», you hardly ever will translate the question literally as “How do they call you?”. Instead, you will spontaneously react with: “Меня зовут…”

After having repeatedly drilled through the grammar patterns of questions and answers in the lessons, you start speaking without thinking of translation. The lessons are held to a considerable extent in the form of a game. The theme games and role-play we use at the lessons will let you feel like the Queen of England or the American President, you’ll be having a holiday in Hawaii or flying to Australia, and you’ll be singing with your favorite rock-stars or talking to celebrities.

What really matters is that the lesson has to be interesting – it’s the main criterion of a highly qualified teacher’s work, and it’s crucial to your rapid progress.

At lessons, we speak exclusively the target language, the meaning of the new words is explained through gestures, mimic, sketches or pictures, or with the help of the words familiar to the students. Our goal is to create an environment where you cannot help communicating exclusively in the target language.

The psychologically skilled and friendly approach along with convenient and comfortable classrooms creates the atmosphere of mutual trust and cooperation. Our students get involved into chat and discussions not as passive observers, but as participants of the learning process. Once you are not too shy to speak, you’ll easily get over the language barrier.

The learning process comprises also effective use of video and audio materials, adapted and non-adapted works of literature, cognitive games, as well as real life phenomena: Internet resources, newspaper and magazine articles, Hollywood movies and BBC programmes, celebrity interviews. Our students are constantly offered tasks that are close to real life situations. While doing them, they have an opportunity to develop all aspects of mastering a foreign language: speaking, reading, writing and listening skills.

Even after the lessons you can feel you are in an English-speaking environment: our centre has a library of adapted works of classical literature. Also, you can use our video-collection that comprises some popular films in English with subtitles. Besides, in order to try out your knowledge, you can visit the English-speaking club on Saturdays, that is run by the best teachers and native English speakers.

Once, knowing a foreign language used to mean primarily being able to read a newspaper article. Ideally, it would be being able to read classical literature without having to turn to a dictionary too often. Today, somebody who is able to read, say, Shakespeare in English, may very well feel plain stupid discovering that they are unable to understand a young English- or Spanish-speaking American, who has just asked for directions or wanted to be shown around.

However, there is no problem about it at all. All you have to do is use the methods based on communicative approach to language learning. What it means? Well, if in the past, fluency in using words and expressions used to be achieved by mile-long written exercises, and at that, it was very relative fluency – nowadays, your vocabulary can be increased by dynamic, fun and emotional lessons that can hardly be called lessons in the old conventional sense of the word. It’s much rather intellectual games! And your confidence as to the choice of a word or grammar form is a lot stronger than it used to be at conventional lessons. At these lessons, people primarily communicate, and it makes all the difference in the world!

Try immersing yourself into the atmosphere of positive language learning with us, and you definitely will feel the result. Learning will become a relaxing and fun experience for you, not a torture like it used to be in school! You’ll be participating in our lessons with pleasure, and our library and video-collection will enrich your time off.