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How to start learning

Before you start your studies in our center, you take a written test in our office or on line at our site.

Our secretary will offer you to have a free trial lesson in any existing group corresponding to your level or wait for a new group to be formed.

LC “Lingva” offers a multi-level system of studies. There are 15 terms comprising 5 levels in accordance with the international assessment system. This number of terms is necessary in order to ensure precise monitoring of the learning process.
On completion of each term, you take a test, which allows you to assess your own progress in language-learning. This system allows you to finish learning at a level sufficient for your needs. If later you decide to continue your studies, you will be able to return to a group corresponding to your own language level. Another advantage of the multi-level system is the possibility of joining a group in accordance with your language level, so that you will not have to spend your time and money on studying things you already know. If you happen to miss a lesson, you will be able to attend a similar lesson in another group of the same level.

If you happen to have unanswered questions on some topics or lessons you have missed, you can attend our consulting hours on Saturdays.

Students are admitted to our center all year round. The number of students in a group varies from 4 to 10.

Study times:
Monday through Friday - 9.00 – 21.00
Saturday - 9.00 – 18.00

When being admitted to a course, you fill in an application form, where you mark the study times convenient for you, and our office managers will place you in the most suitable group possible.

On completion of a level, you get a certificate stating the type and duration of the course taken, the level achieved, as well as the written test and listening test scores.